Cake Viewer

We have posted an iPhone app in the iTunes App Store!

Cake Viewer is a useful tool for seeing what your cake will be like before you order. See the full description in the App Store :)

Below are some screen shots from the app:



Latest version of Cake Viewer: 1.0.1
Recent updates:
        - Released to app store
        - Added hints box
        - Fixed crash on export

Click on the “comments” text below to give your feedback or questions about the app, or email us at


Closing for now

Unfortunately we are closing our doors here in Utah as we move to a new city for my husband to pursue a medical degree and for me to have a baby. We have loved making cakes and will hopefully reopen in a few months in Albuquerque. Thanks you so much for all your support. Feel free to keep browsing our website for ideas about cakes and prices.

Wintery Cakes

Take a look at some of the latest creations here at Jennie’s SweetArt! It’s not too early to start thinking about cake if you just got engaged :)

Amy’s cake was sweet and simple. I love the heart topper!
Estimated cost: $150


I use marshmallows to make my fondant, so it tastes pretty good (although I personally prefer buttercream). I loved the elegance of Megan’s cake, especially with the Christmas decor.
Estimated cost: $350

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Recent Cakes

It’s been a long summer full of fun and original wedding cakes! Take a look at the most recent:


Our very first groom cake! Note the Michael Jordan logo, done in sprinkles.

My husband can’t wait until he graduates. Maybe he’ll get a graduation cake like this one.

Sometimes we have to leave before the florist arrives, but you can see the effect that a cake stand has on the presentation.

We’re looking forward to fall and a busy school year, but as always, feel free to contact us with any questions or for a quote!

Baby Cakes

July has brought the opportunity to make two cakes for babies. The first is for my new nephew Kaden. He was blessed at his grandparents house a few weeks ago. Here are some pics of his cake. It was inspired by Amber’s wedding cake. Yay for Kaden, he is such a sweet little infant.
Kaden’s cake= abt $150

This was all that was left after the hungry guests ate their fill, I only wish I had made more!

This past weekend we got to celebrate an early first birthday for my niece Kaity. I made her a three layered pink princess cake. I especially love the pictures where the cake is as big as her. She wasn’t into destructing the cake, she mostly just liked licking the frosting daintily.
Kaitlyn’s cake=abt $170

Kaitlyn reaches for a flower.
She needed a bath after her dessert.